cote d'opale

The Opal Coast between Boulogne sur Mer and Calais

The opal coast

Welcome to the Opal Coast, located between Boulogne-Sur-Mer and Calais, Audresselles, this coastal village is one of the most popular on the Opal Coast. It is also located in the immediate vicinity of Cap Gris-Nez, the closest point on the French coast to England. A village belonging to the Great “Site des Deux Caps”, labelled “Grand Site de France” since 2011. Close to Boulogne-Sur-Mer, known as the first fishing port in France, and Nausicaa, the largest aquarium in Europe.

List of towns, monuments, or visits to be made in the vicinity of the campsite and the Opal Coast monuments 


With its small fishermen’s houses, this small village has preserved its characteristic architecture while preserving its wild and natural character.

Its beach made of sand, pebbles, and rocks where you can enjoy fishing and swimming.

During your walk you will notice the small and low fishermen’s houses, huddled together as if to protect themselves from the strong winds. The two-colored houses that look like flobards (our traditional fishing boats here in Audresselles).

Ambleteuse & Wimereux on the Opal Coast

Just 2 km from the municipal campsite Les Ajoncs is Ambleteuse where you can visit the World War II historical museum and the “Fort d’Ambleteuse” also known as “Fort Vauban”.

The town attracts visitors with its charm, unique architecture and proximity to some of the most beautiful natural sites in the region.


7 km away is Wimereux, the first seaside resort on the Opal Coast, protected from high tide by a huge dyke, where you can enjoy nice walks in the open air.


Boulogne Sur Mer is 14 km away and is full of historical treasures. The town is divided into two parts. Firstly, there is the upper town, which is made up of ramparts with several buildings inside, such as Notre Dame, the Belfry and the Château Comtal.


The lower town is made up of fishing ports and marinas. You will also find Nausicaa, the largest aquarium in Europe, which invites you to take a trip to the heart of the seas and oceans to discover the underwater biodiversity of the world.

Du côté des deux Caps

7 km from this place, you will  find the Cap Gris-Nez which is made of sandstone, grey clay and limestone. It is a starting point for many walks, including the GR 120 which runs along the coast towards Audresselles, Ambleteuse, Boulogne-Sur-Mer or towards Wissant via Tardinghen…


19 km away, the Cap Blanc-Nez is a white chalk cliff. Classified as a historical heritage since 1987, it is part of the community  of the Great Sites of France in the same way as the cirque of Navacelles, the Gorges du Verdon, the city of Carcassonne or the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel.


There is also the Blockhouse of Eperlecques; and the Couple (a planetarium in 3D vision) which is located just 5 km from Saint-Omer.